Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vest. Helmet. Machine Gun.

9:51am: Sgt. Paul Colburn of the NHPD takes the stand. ADA Kurt Hameline has picked up the direct examination.

-We review details of the police chase in an effort to corroborate what fellow officers described last week.

-Heard "shots fired" over the police radio before he arrived at the Kirkland Byrne Dairy. Upon arrival, he ran toward fallen officer. Kirkland PD Officer Vito Sparace was on top of a suspect.


-Upon realizing the situation, Sgt. Colburn obtained his heavy ballistic vest, helmet, and machine gun. Officers prepared for a suspect to emerge from woods. No shots were fired by police officers.

-Sgt. Colburn identifies Healy as the suspect taken into custody at the Kirkland Byrne Dairy. Healy does not move. Colburn is now one of several officers to identify Healy.

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