Friday, January 12, 2007

Major Development

3:09pm: Officer Peter Cania identified John Healy, the suspect sitting in this courtroom, as the man he was attempting to handcuff at the Byrne Dairy.

He is the first, and only, person to identify Healy so far.


-On cross-examination, Wittman asked if Cania saw anyone get out of a vehicle at the Byrne Dairy. Cania: "No."

-In doing the CPR chest compressions, Cania testified that he could feel Officer Corr was not wearing a bullet-proof vest.

-Wittman asks for just a moment, consults with John Healy, then says, "I have nothing further." They continue to chat. Wittman smiles to Healy about something.

Cania is off the stand at 3:30pm. Back after a ten minute break.


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