Friday, January 12, 2007

"You knew that was Joe Corr."

2:04pm. We are back. Testimony continues with Richard Mosher, an EMT.

-Mosher's testimony lasted all of five minutes. He described the ambulance response after Officer Corr was shot.

-Joseph Jennings, a paramedic with Edwards Ambulance, followed. Testified that he actually spoke with David Corr before the shooting on February 27.

-CPR was continued in the ambulance. Officer Corr was placed on a heart monitor. Jennings was in the ambulance. He knew Joe Corr personally. Hernon: "You knew that was Joe Corr." Jennings: "Yes."


-Jennings identified a picture of a gravely wounded Officer Corr (taken in the ambulance) with a tracheal tube. The picture is about to be shown publicly. A family member whispers to relatives, "Anybody want to leave?" No one does. BUT...following a judge's conference, we do not see the photograph after all. There is relief from the Corr family.

-Jennings is off the stand at 2:21pm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admire you, too, Andy for having the determination to keep us all up to date on the trial. This senseless killing was a tragic loss to everyone in the surrounding communities and I can't imagine being there, seeing the man who is accused of doing this, and STILL having the wherewithall to concentrate on blogging. Kudos to you and WKTV! May God continue to have his angels wrap their wings around the Corr family.
On a lighter note....perhaps you could sneak a pillow in to put under your rear?

2:23 PM  

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