Friday, January 12, 2007

"Four or five diamond rings."

3:45pm: Officer Vito Sparace, of the Kirkland PD, is now on the witness stand. His testimony began with a review of the activity at the Byrne Dairy.

-Was moving in the direction of Officer Corr when he heard a single gunshot. Purposely fell on the ground once he heard it. Crawled (hands and knees) back to his police vehicle. At one point he got up, then slipped and fell. Hameline: "Head over tea kettle?" Sparace: "Yes". That got a smile from David & Kathy Corr.

-Officer Sparace testified that he had a grip on the suspect being handcuffed by Officer Cania. Leaned him up against a patrol vehicle. Started to search him.


-Hameline: "Do you see the person that you had in your custody? Sparace: "Yes I do." Hameline: "Can you tell me where he is?" Sparace: "Sitting at the defense table."

-Sparace further testified that he found several diamond rings in the suspect's right pants pocket. Hameline produces diamond rings that Sparace identifies from the night of the robbery.

Friday's testimony concluded with Kirkland Police Chief Daniel English, who similarly linked Healy to the Byrne Dairy scene, and to the jewelry store robbery.


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