Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Next Witness: Dr. John Rubin

Dr. John Rubin, of the St. Elizabeth Medical Center emergency department, took the stand at 9:39am.

Defendant John Healy is wearing a light gray button-down shirt with narrow black and blue pinstripes. Khaki pants. No handcuffs.

ADA Paul Hernon is conducting the direct examination. We begin by reviewing the medical records of February 27, 2006.

-Officer Corr arrived at the hospital "flatlined". He did not have a pulse.

-Dr. Rubin describes a photograph of the fallen officer. We (including the family) do not see the photograph.

-Attempted more CPR. Chest tube was inserted in an effort to restart the heart. Unsuccessful. Officer Corr was deceased when he arrived at the ER.

-Officer Corr's family is doing a remarkable job of keeping their composure while hearing these difficult details.

Dr. Rubin off the stand at 9:50am.


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