Friday, January 12, 2007

Corr Family Walks Out

**The following descriptions of testimony may be considered upsetting to some readers**

2:22pm: Prosecutors announce that the medical examiner, Dr. Michael Sikirica, will take the stand. Suddenly and quietly, the Corr family leaves. They do not wish to be present for what is expected to be graphic testimony.

-Dr. Sikirica points to an x-ray of Officer Corr's chest, and points out the metal fragments from the gunshot wound.

-Internal examination revealed the track of the bullet: Into the body along the right upper chest. Right clavicle was fractured. First rib was fractured. Wound extended to right chest cavity, downward into lung. Exiting the lung, then perforating behind the heart, into the aorta. Projectile was found in the area around the left lung. The "H" of Officer Corr's N.H.P.D. uniform pin was discovered within the wound.

-We see ONE photograph of Officer Corr taken during the autopsy. We see the fallen officer's face and chest. We see the wound. Judge Dwyer indicates that this must be seen to make the record complete.

Dr. Sikirica is finished by 2:40pm. The Corr family returns to the courtroom.


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