Thursday, January 18, 2007

Healy In Jail - Threat Assessment

10:07am. The courtroom is 70 degrees and there were parking problems for members of the jury. We are now up to date courtesy of Judge Michael Dwyer's "morning briefing". Onto to the task at hand...

-All immediate (and some extended) members of the Corr family are with us today.

-Deputy Rebecca Beatty, of the Oneida Co. Jail, begins testimony on a "threat assessment" she conducted with defendant John Healy.

-Beatty testified that Healy's girlfriend, Cheryl Brown, established an account to make calls to Healy while he was in the Oneida Co. Jail. Calls are monitored and can be recorded by jail staff.

-Beatty had multiple one-on-one conversations with Healy at the jail. She then testified that Healy had well over one hundred hours of phone conversations with Brown. We see a CD of recorded phone calls. We appear headed toward a playback of these conversations.


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