Monday, January 22, 2007

"We got mountains of evidence."

12:03pm. Hameline's summation continues...

-"They came like invaders, and take [the merchandise] to Philly, where they could sell it. They had their faces covered, handguns, bags, they took systematic control of Lennon's."

-"Even if Joe Corr knew what was going to happen that night, he probably would've put his uniform on and gone to work. But we're not here to praise Joe, not here to make him a hero."

-12:09pm. On the suspects: "They put in motion a series of events that led to Officer Corr's death. It's about causation, foreseeability."

-Hameline: "We got John T. Healy. He's surrounded by proof. If felony murder doesn't apply in this case, then it doesn't apply in any case." (Long pause).

Hameline is finished at 12:14pm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hamelines summation was a class
act....Excellent, honest and
straight to the crox of the
matter. I'm proud of all the
participants for the proscution,
everyone. It was a hard, difficult
heart tearing few days.

Now it is the jurys turn, to bring
back to only verdict possible.


Then maybe, just maybe we can start
to heal.

1:48 PM  

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