Monday, January 22, 2007

"Custody is not an issue."

-Richardson crashed the car because he was attempting to avoid an apparent roadblock by turning right onto Clinton St., but the car was moving too fast and ended up at the Byrne Dairy.

11:42am. Hameline: "These clowns came from Pennsylvania. They just crashed their car. They don't know where the hell they are! Richardson gets to the woods. He's waiting to see if Healy's going to make it."

-"Custody is not an issue. He was squirming and wiggling when the shot went off." "He cannot absolve himself from liability even if he was in total custody and control."

-11:53am. "Their greed overrode concern for anyone else. And that's why we have a felony murder statute."

-After Hameline reviews cell phone records, he says, "He's [Healy] not just along for the ride. He's a mover and a shaker in this case."

-"He had $42,000 in jewelry and watches from Lennon's. He was in the store."

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