Friday, January 19, 2007

Looking Ahead...

12:04pm. Judge Dwyer explains what will happen Monday:

-We will begin at 9:45am. News cameras will be allowed in the courtroom. Defense attorney Rebecca Wittman will deliver her closing argument followed by that of the prosecution.

-Judge Dwyer will then read to the jury the law that applies to each of the 19 counts against John Healy.

-Monday afternoon, the jury will begin deliberations in hopes of reaching a unanimous verdict.

Scroll down to read details from each day of testimony, and click on "comments" to post your thoughts on the trial.

As always, keep checking this blog and for breaking news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God this trial has been relatively quick. The Corr and police families will have some sort of closure soon.......

12:23 PM  
Anonymous roger said...

ty andy again looking forward to monday morning.

roger e.tennessee

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job on covering the trial. You said that the jury will begin deliberations in hopes of reaching a unanimous decision. Does it have to be unanimous if not what happens?

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless the Corr family and the members of the NHPD for their courage in reliving this nightmare. As for the defense attorney, she makes her living defending the lowest of the low. She employs every tactic, ethical and unethical to win at all costs. Joe Corr is a HERO. He ran after the devil and died doing his job. The fact that he was not wearing his bullet proof vest,(Even though it would not have protected him anyway), does NOT make him in any way responsible for his own death, despite Ms. Wittman's best attempts to make the jury think so. The law clearly says that Healy is guilty of murder--even if he's not the person who pulled the trigger.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

murder or no murder hes not going to walk and yes very much so agree joe did what he was hired to do not just let the filthy convicts run away .

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Prosecution has made this a very thorough trial. The defense is a joke. My father was killed in the line of duty, and the prosecution did everything to sweep the case away under the rug after the defense drug out the trial 1.5 years. Godspeed Officer Corr.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Andy Jenks - WKTV said...

To the earlier question: Yes, all 12 jurors must reach a unanimous verdict (either guilty or not guilty). If not, we'll have what's called a mistrial.

12:58 PM  
Blogger debbie said...

Sorry anonymous, but in our system of justice, even scum like Healy is entitled to a competent defense attorney. She is duty bound by her oath to defend her clients to the best of her ability. Please consider that it is quite possible she was assigned this case by the Court.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Officer Joe Corr in the line of duty protected us to the limit of his energy and strength. There were four in the robbery---all three remaining must take responsibilty for their parts in the theft/murder. It is now time for Justice to Prevail (in spite of the smoke screen the defense has tried to build at the expense of our fallen Hero Joe corr, his family, the NHPD, OCSD, NYPD, FBI (the entire Law Enforcement community who worked to bring solve this case). Now it's up to the Jury. thanx Andy Jenks for the excellent courtroom coverage.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just reposting my rationale to the obvious bloggers who have no real conception of our criminal justice system.

Your anger cannot turn into a lynch mob. The preservation of the integrity to our judicial system is just as important as the dispensing of justice.

In order to convict, all elements of the crime must be present, from what I have read, I believe that Attorney Wittman is acting as effective counsel in trying to bring out all elements of the crime. To do less, jeopardizes her status as a criminal defense attorney.

Our system of justice and the presumption of innocence is afforded all those who are charged with a crime. It does not change according to the status of a person. While murder of an officer may carry heavier weight with regard to sentencing, the system that is in place to find a person guilty or not guilty remains the same. The same proceedings apply in the courtroom whether it be a sanitation worker or a police officer. To invoke a presumption that one person's life is more important than another, (police v sanitation worker), and because of that presumption, the system of justice should be altered, reflects a disparity that should not exist.

We have seen on many occasions, specifically in Oneida County how arbitrary justice has been served, discarding the rule of law, because of public interest.

We witnessed the Desiree Case Murder trial whereby Mr. Smith was found guilty of a crime, because exculpatory evidence was not turned over as required by law.

Mr. Smith suffered greatly because of his wrongful conviction. Evidence was a problem then, and may just jeopardize this case on appeal, for the same disregard for preserving critical evidence is evident.

This case must be looked at from a legal standpoint, not an emotional one.

Hopefully justice will be served, whatever that may be, but integrity in the system remains in the forefront.

You must also remember that Officer Corr's job of upholding the law does not stop at the courtroom door. That same law applies in a court of law, and to negate the importance of the proceedings is to in fact, denounce the law that Officer Corr died to uphold.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously you haven't been in this situation. I find it comical that your wonderful insight to this "Lynch Mob" is so transparent, Mr/Mrs Defense Attorney.

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, in regards to my "real conception of the justice system" I watched in horror as the piece of garbage that killed my father walked after his piece of crap cheap-suit defense attorney put the trial off, blamed me for the incident, complimented the judge on his tie every day, ridiculed my poor mother, ridiculed the law enforcement community, and made a mockery out of my dad's career in LE. Was he doing his job? Yup. Guess what, the fat piece of crap died in a house fire a year later.. Fitting I think....

So don't lecture us on how the system works.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well stated. It is hard to leave your emotions of of a case like this but that is exactly what needs to be done.
A human life is a human life no matter they chose to do with it. I do not place greater value on the job a police officer does than a sanitation worker...they are both working for the public and doing the best job they can.
That said, it appears that the death of a police officer by another's hands draws more attention than that of a car accident victim killed by a drunk driver. Why? Isn't the life of the car accident victim just as important to their friends and family? Isn't seeing justice brought to the person who caused that death just as important?
All that matters here is that the best legal job was done on both sides and now we leave it to the jury to decide what Mr. Healy's fate will be. Good, bad or indifferent, this is our justice system.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How & when will the cameras be in the court? Will we see it all on the news?

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Jess said...

Anonymous...I'm sorry for the death of your father and the pain you and your family went through in the aftermath. Just know that what goes around, comes around and one day the monster who killed your father will have to face his maker...

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ADA Kurt Hameline is one of the best prosecution attorney's in NYS. He demonstrates integrity to our judicial system and upholds high ethical professional standards. Andy, wonderful job on the trial coverage.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other important thing to keep in mind is that the justice system is not putting value on the life of the victim. The public and the media do that by making it high profile. To the family and friends of the victim - no matter what their profession, it is of equal importance. We the public, make it more or less than that.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont understand this law if your involed and a murder happens you to could be charged were was this law when ricky powell and brain west were killed and all three supects left in there car and drove all the way back to new york city and know they commited a crime but only delmar brown was convited were was that law then i do feel sorry for Corr family but is the law different because he was a officer.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea of what you are talking about........but it is obvious that you harbor deep seeded resentment and need counseling...

Also, in regards to my "real conception of the justice system" I watched in horror as the piece of garbage that killed my father walked after his piece of crap cheap-suit defense attorney put the trial off, blamed me for the incident, complimented the judge on his tie every day, ridiculed my poor mother, ridiculed the law enforcement community, and made a mockery out of my dad's career in LE. Was he doing his job? Yup. Guess what, the fat piece of crap died in a house fire a year later.. Fitting I think....

So don't lecture us on how the system works.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am talking about the most recent murder case in Utica that was tryed 3 times and you talk about counseling you sound like you need some because you obvious deep seeded resentment.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously you haven't been in this situation. I find it comical that your wonderful insight to this "Lynch Mob" is so transparent, Mr/Mrs Defense Attorney.

Is this all that you absorbed from my posting?

I was attempting to explain to you something from a rational point of view. How one life has, with respect to the courtroom, the same value as another.(i.e. sanitation worker v police officer), and that in recognizing this, the rules of law and court proceedings remain the same.

I also attempted to invoke some clarity as to how the duty to uphold the law carries into a courtroom setting. So in essence, what Officer Corr protected and upheld as a officer, is essentially the same law that governs over court proceedings.(Constitutionally speaking)

I am not an attorney, but I will provide you with my extensive college transcripts if you need to determine my level of expertise.

However, extensive knowledge of our criminal justice system can be acquired through other means, such as reading, researching and just common knowledge of the facts and rules of law.

Utilize your computer skills to acquire some of that knowledge so that a more intelligent response to postings may result.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if anyone thinks Wittman doesn't enjoy this case,you are crazy, her boyfriend is a scumbag drug dealer who is on parole for sale of a controled substance, one of her good friends was ex-discraced attorney Bob Moran who was involed with the use and sale of methamphetamine and is now a resident of the NYS Correctional Facility. Wittman is no better than the people that she represents and someday hopefully sooner than later she will be sitting in the defendants chair herself.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Defense Attorney is charged with insuring that his / her client is treated fairly and in accordance with our laws and the Constitution. When the attorney goes to the depths this one has sunk to to get this animal a break, she has sunk to the same level. Joe Corr didn't think twice about doing his job. A vest would not have protected him from a shot to the neck area. Why try to make the jury think it's somehow his fault by not wearing a vest. The scumbag was caught as he ran from the car. And, he was still wearing the Prada shoes he was wearing when he stood on that poor woman's arms. So what if he had one glove on when he was originally caught. The victims were in no way responsible for the crime. Stop making the victims the bad guys Ms. Wittman.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This attorney is noted for taking scum bags on for a defense. Not only is the clients low to begin with but Wittmans tactics are low and unethical at times prior to going to trial. What is funny about Wittmann is that the same scum bags that she represents are the same ones slamming her and defaming her behind her back. Becky, you get back what you respresent, DIRT! Oh and by the way this is the same attorney who is taking to trial another piece of fecal matter that raped an eldery woman in Rome City Hospital. Wait until you see Becky's lowlife defense on that case. Beck, dont always believe what the scum bag clients tell you because you never know what they are saying about you.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the writings in this blog, perpetrated and endorsed by the Corr family, we are able to witness the true depth of their character.
What a disgrace!

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is truley amazing is this Healey guy has turned many peoples lives upside down. And another interesting fact his real name is not John T. Healey he stole someones identification from PA!!! He is nothing but a loser!!

Andy you have done a great job!!

God bless the Corr family and the members of the NHPD for their courage!!

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Healy is guilty of murder because, during the commission of the robbery, he, OR ANOTHER PARTICIPANT of the crime caused the death of a non-participant during the immediate flight from said crime. Stop feeling sorry for the creep!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In God's eyes, each person's life is valued the same as every other person. In the eyes of our society we view the lives of police officers with a higher regard because of the nature of their responsibilities. Police Officers are our protectors from the evils of our society. When we are afraid, who comes to our rescue? Police Officers. When we have been victimized who saves us? Police Officers. Every public servant does their best to make our lives better. In that respect, sanitation workers are no different than our mayors presidents. However, Police Officers and Firefighters are the only ones who go to work every day knowing that today might be the day they have to lay down their lives to protect everything we value. Therefore, I for one value the life of Officer Joe Coor and all public safety workers just that much more.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You keep saying he didn't do the shooting and he shouldn't be found guilty of murder. The law says he is equally responsible just as if he pulled the trigger. He is also the man who is believed to have stepped on the forearm of the lady who alerted the police and who was wanting believed to be Richardon to shoot her in the head. Come on now????? What do you think his intention was with that statement? wOULD HE HAVE BEEN GUILTY IF THE GUY PULLED THE TRIGGER AND SHOT THAT WOMAN IN THE HEAD?

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you can see, the responses on this blog started at 12:23 shortly after both the defense and prosecution rested.

This reflects that most if not all of the posting were done by Corr's family members or the police that were in attendance.

Nice, huh~

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just because he said to shoot her doesnt make him guilty of murder NO. if i tell u to jump off a bridge and u do it is it my fault no. just like if u were to rob a bank and i stayed in the car and drove u away am i a bank robber no i'm the drive and get charged as such.not robbery . just like for a real good example of how screwed up the courts are i know a couple of gentlemen who robbed 12 dollars in gas and the one was on probation and received 1 1/2-3 years in prison the other guy had been in prison twice prior and was on parole what do u think he got. yup good guess 1 1/2 -3 and had extensive charges such as assult burglary. and then he did the time for the gas deal and got charged again and back to prison he went for assult what did he get hmmm let me guess 1-3. so u tell me where the laws/courts/da/judges are fair and do it to the legal standards.instead of what they want to do. and no by no means is healy right for being involved for what he did. did he pull the trigger no,does it take more than 1 guy to pull a trigger?did he twist richardson's arm? and it wouldnt surprise me if he just got charged and sentenced to robbery.over the summer Ralph "Bucky" Phillips Phillips escaped from a Buffalo-area jail in April. Phillips is serving life in prison after pleading guilty to shooting three New York state troopers in two separate incidents, killing one, while he was on the lam. so whats so different about this over corr's case nothing officers in both cases 1 is dead.the guy got life. tired of people saying death penalty ny does not use it.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am shocked! Absolutely shocked at some of the posts that have been written on this blog. Doesn't anyone know how to spell anymore OR IF they can not spell at least learn to use spell check.

The folks who have written to this blog in support of the LEO's have posts written here that sound as if they were written by people who never made it past the 7th grade.

I find it amazing that the exact same type of rants, rhetoric, and mis-spelled words that have been written by family members in support of LEO's on this blog sound exactly like the same ideology that was written on blogs during the pursuit of the guy who out-witted the police for 6 months this past summer in western NY.

Officer Joe Corr died in the line of duty. Period. End of story. He died doing a job as a public servant that he chose to do. He was not forced to become a police officer. He chose the profession. So someone please try to explain to all of us in clear intelligible English why he has been elevated to the level of a hero and put on a pedestal. I am sorry if it hurts your feelings folks BUT officer Joe Corr was NOT a hero. He was an officer who was ON-duty doing his assigned job and unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is it. Plain and simple. Nothing more and nothing less.

A "true" HERO (whom unfortunately are seldom EVER recognized for their VALOR) is the young man who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for throwing his body on a grenade that landed inside his vehicle in Iraq thereby saving the lives of his 4 fellow soldiers inside said vehicle.

NOW that is a HERO.

He had less than 5 seconds to choose between life and death. He HAD enough time to jump from the vehicle and SAVE his own life but he also KNEW that "action" would result in the deaths of his companions. SO he gave his ONE and ONLY life to SAVE the 4 "others" from certain death.

Joe Corr NOR were ANY of the other responding OFFICERS to the store heist were EVER placed in a "LIFE or DEATH" situation. They arrived on-scene while the robbers were making a get-away from what I have read.

These people robbed a jewelry store. SO what?? They stole "material", "replaceable", and "insured" items. Yes, diring the commission of the crime, they succeeded in frightening ALL the employees half to death by their actions BUT NO ONE of the employees were shot and killed, much less physically injured.

So why the hell did Officer Joe run after a purported ARMED suspect into the cold, snowy, dark night with limited visibility KNOWING that he was NOT wearing body armor and that he was pursuing the suspect single-handedly WITHOUT other officers as back-up??

WHY?? Because he did NOT think. AND because he did NOT think, it cost him his life.

HE acted NOT like a HERO but instead VERY stupidly and selfishly. My guess is his thinking was that IF he captured the suspect single-handedly, he would be looked upon as a hero and be granted maybe a promotion as well as a pay raise BUT instead he fell victim to a one-in-a-million LUCKY shot probably fired over the shoulder of the fleeing suspect if the truth REALLY EVER came to light.

The ONLY shot fired ALL night resulted in a death. The death of a human being. That is the tragity here. However tragic the circumstances were, EVEN that ONE shot being fired WAS preventable AND I feel certain the more experienced and senior investigators have drawn the same conclusion even though they will NEVER make their views public.

There is absolutely NOTHING about being a hero here. It is stupidity, plain and simple. If this type of pursuit training is taught at the police academy, then the instructors have to be morons as well and we as citizens who are taught to entrust our safety and well being to our authority figures are ALL in trouble.

I am sick and tired of hearing about how our LEO's are better than the citizens and somehow in their convoluted minds they have elevated themselves to a level where their lives are MORE important that those lives that those same officers have taken an oath to "protect and to serve".

Who the hell wrote and PASSED the laws that make the death of a peace officer (whether on duty or off) any more valuable than a citizens life??

I am absolutely appalled by what I am reading here. Has our society digressed into the pits of hell so far that citizens be they the perpetrators of a crime or the innocent by-stander on the street have LIVES are worth LESS than our police, prosecuting attorneys, judges, and politicians??

Have you all lost your minds??

The police are forever touting that they are a brotherhood and they stick together and do absolutely NO wrong BUT search the web and I guarantee you that every single day of the year, somewhere in this country there is a cop or group of cops being charged with some indiscretion or form of corruption BUT are they EVER called on the carpet to the extent that a NON-official (Joe-blow citizen) would be charged for the same offense?? Hell no!!

Wasn't there a recent case locally where a sherriff I think it was, was padding his "overtime" and was going to be charged with 12 FELONY counts with mandatory JAIL time but because he was a cop, the charges were dropped down to misdeameanors with NO JAIL TIME, AND he is still on-the-job???

WTF, is up with that kind of prosecutorial justice??

When are the people of this country going to wake-up and stand up and DEMAND a police force made up of citizens be created to POLICE the POLICE??

I personally am sick of hearing about police and "shooting's" that were "justified" OR a "good-shoot" OR "accidental" and the officer did as he was "trained" to do and after review by the board was returned to duty!!

BUT god help the citizen who if they were thrown into the same situation, would have the Judge's law book thrown at them and the maximum jail time penalty imposed.

AND please to the writers of the "flaming" I know I am going to get for writing my opinion here, grow up.

Maybe, and more importantly, WAKE UP and realize the citizens of the country that you have taken an oath to protect are becoming really sick and tired of your flagrant violations of the SAME laws that you FORCE us to abide by.

How DARE you you "cite" us for a violation of the same laws that you break everyday and then define your infraction of the law as a "perk" of the job??

What gives you the "right" to speed by us in a "brand new" patrol car that we as taxpayers BUY for you and PAY for the fuel you use on the thruway at 100 MPH in pursuit of absolutely NO ONE and yet "cite" us for going 75 in a 65 zone?? OR how about "citing" us for seat-belt violations that you yourselves do NOT abide by. Great example, you show the public by your actions. You want the public to "respect the law", then you MUST respect the law yourselves and LEAD by example!!!

BEFORE you attempt to "flame" me, at least try to compose your responses with correct sentence structure and correctly spelled words.

If you are incapable of this which you have already proven you are by your previous posts, then please at least re-frain from posting at all.

There is an old saying that goes, "It is one thing to stand before someone and LOOK like a complete and total MORON, and yet quite another to open your mouth and prove it!!"

As a veteran, I know first hand about the causalities of war. I do not need to be "protected" by overweight, overpaid, holier-than-thou officers who THINK they are the LAW individually and have FORGOTTEN that it is the citizens who pay their salary's.

Don't tell me to call a cop when I need help. Stuff the rhetoric. I know first hand how to protect myself and how to protect my family. I was trained in survival.

A cop is the LAST person I would call in case of an emergency AND do you know why?? Because COPS more than any other official have mastered the art of "covering their butts" when they F**K UP, AND they are ARMED.

Armed to the teeth, I might add. You have testimony in this blog that clearly stated that the Sergeant put on his flak jacket, helmet, and retrieved his MACHINE GUN??? Are you kidding me?? A BLOODY MACHINE GUN??? To chase down one freezing, cold, very wet, very frightened black male who is being chased by predominately white cops and he knows he has already shot one of them??

When the shooting hit the news and before the suspect even made it to Philadelphia, I just knew the cops would NEVER let him live to see the inside of a jail cell and true to form, the US Marshals used the guy for target practice.

NOT one person from the media was even allowed within blocks of where the guy was holed up UNTIL his body was riddled with holes and he was a DEAD corpse lying on the front steps.

WAKE UP America, you call this justice?? DO you kid yourselves into believing for one moment, that the police would EVER make such an all out effort to find the killer of one of your family member and deliberately KILL the OFFENDER for you?? Hell no, they will not. YOU do NOT matter to the POLICE as MUCH as they MATTER to each other. WHY??

Because the police control you with FEAR!! FEAR that IF you should EVER question a OFFICERS authority, you might meet with the same fate as the guy in Phila.

AND the really pathetic part of all this is that the cops KNOW they MUST control you with FEAR of breaking the most minor infraction of the law because honestly, I believe they are MORE afraid of you MORE than you realize you are afraid of them.

WHY do you think there is such a concerted effort to repeal the 2nd amendment to the constitution and take ALL the guns from U.S. citizens by LEO's and the political forces at hand??

BUT to the conscience clear thinking American who has ever studied their history, the 2nd amendment was SO important to the founders that it IS, in fact, the 2nd amendment enacted so that NO ONE group or force could OVERWHELM the citizens with firepower EVER again.

Has EVERYONE forgotten about what the American Revolutionary War was fought about??

AND our society gives these people the right to wear a badge and possess some of the fiercest weaponry in the free world as well as allow them to make life and death split second decisions with those weapons that can and do result in the deaths of innocent individuals.

You just got to love the current thinking of the American citizen. As long as it is NOT in their back yard, the issue at hand does not concern them in the least.

Just let the police deal with it.

Once you as a citizen relinquish your "rights" to the "Amendments to the constitution" given you by birthright and as well as your "bill of rights" and allow people "in power" to make these decisions for you, you might as well be dead for soon there will be nothing left.

And that is going to be this country's greatest downfall.

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous...huh, Craig here not sorry about people die in there job that is just what they do...when you go on your first day and they give you a gun ,a stick ,mace, handcuffs and then the oppurtunity to wear a bullet proof vest. That sounds dangerous to me. Sounds like someone might at sometime try to do harm to me at my new job... don't want to get shot at don't do that job.. why do we still call him John Healy? Former Army "RANGER"

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

boy whos daddy got killed... if the so called piece of crap got off cause some cheap suit defense attorney maybe then he deserved to go free no harm no foul... daddys dead get over it

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the last blogger........beautiful, articulate, cohesive, observations and opinions.

My sentiments, exactly!

Had I had the time to elaborate on my thoughts,they would have unequivocally mirrored your posting.

All of my postings have been met with arrogant,ignorant resistance. It is welcoming to know I am joined by someone who does not view Corr as a hero, and can articulate their feelings in a comprehensive manner.

Everyday our boys, courageous boys, fight for the freedoms afforded us in this country. THEY PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE, to preserve our fundamental rights of due process, and yet this family et al, negate the importance of due process, delute the theory of innocent until proven guilty and demand a system of justice contrary to everything our boys are dying for in Iraq.

Their self-centered, self-righteous attitude is sickening. They have compromised their integrity by accepting thousands of dollars in benefit money while not holding accountable the NHPD who was obviously negligent and played a part in the death of their fallen brother.

They continue to accept blood money and want the community to keep giving....what they regard as damages owed to them for the death of their family member.

Corr's arrogance and prevailing attitude of being in indestructable led to his death, along with the contributory negligence of the NHPD.

In all fairness, other law enforcement agencies who participated in the proceedings, expecially the New York State Police, appear to be well qualified, professional, commanding law enforcement personnal, who gave some credibility to the testimony.

I say, if the NHPD wants to be viewed by the constituency they serve, as professional, they MUST, MUST, AT THE very LEAST, CLEAN UP THEIR ACTS, EDUCATE THEMSELVES AND PROJECT AN IMAGE OF PROFESSIONALISM, in order to gain the support and respect from the community.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. My comments were in response to the 4:58 posting. It was the last one, when I was composing mine

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say he shouldnt be charged with murder.
#1 he stood over a female and yelled to have her shot, Proof by her picking out his shoes.
#2 He was in the car which shots were being fired out of at Officer Corr during the pursuit, proof by the bullet shell found on Comercial drive and in the vehicle.
#3 He knew when he helped plan and execute this crime that this could have happened so he sould be held responsible for all actions that occured during the robbery and the flight there from.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the 4:58 am writer.......I forgot to thank you for your service! Thank you, it is recognized and appreciated.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that the courtroom was filled with NH police and members of the Corr family yesterday morning when no postings appeared on this blog. Then the postings began at 12:23, just 23 minutes after the court proceedings ended for the day. Just giving NH law enforcement and the Corr family time to get to where they were going to post these despicable comments.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Debbie, she was paid in full from this scum bag. Wonder where he got the money to defend himself????? He doesn't have a job...oh I forgot he robs jewelry stores for a living!! His defense attorney is a fithly scum herself!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the Veteran: I disagree with you. I am not going to "flame" you but use some of what you said to stimulate some good honest thought. Joe Corr is a public servant who chose to be a police officer. He knew of the risk that he faced everday he went into work as does a bus driver, taxi cab driver etc... The one major driving force in this case is clear. John Healy participated in a violent felony that while in the direct flight therefrom resulted in the death of ANOTHER PERSON. The law is clear in this case that John Healy, if convicted by a jury who his attorney helped him pick, is guilty of murder. Yes someones "daddy" is dead but to say Joe Corr was acting "stupidly" and "selfishly" is not in my opinion a qualified statement. To steal, impose the threat of death and restrain victims is acting "selfishily", "stupidly" and cowardly. Joe Corr would be "shelfish" under the circumstances if he didn't run after Richardson. Split second decision making is all Corr had to act upon. Richardson is the selfish party along with his codefendants. Why did Richardosn have to shoot Corr who by accounts was just standing by the brush looking for the man he was chasing?That was his duty just as the soldier who covered a grenade with his body. What if that soldier turned and ran the other way when it meant saving the lives of others? What would you as a veteran think of him? Would he have been a coward because he could have done something to save anothers life? Didn't Joe Corr make a decision in line with his duty as a public servant. Yes a decision that caused him his life but what if Joe Corr just did nothing because he realized he wasn't wearing a vest and only thought of his life, wife and child? Then in that case Joe Corr would be a coward and selfish. What do you think was the mental culpability of John Healy or any other person for that matter when stepping on the arm of that Lennons employee and shouting to a man holding a gun to shoot her in the head?? If that person did shoot and kill that woman would you hold that person just as guilty as pulling the trigger? Isn't that person requesting to have that woman shot in the head a participant. I believe he would be just as guilty as do I think John Healy is and will be convicted by a jury he helped pick.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"fithly"? is that a word?

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:58 AM and 8:11AM I would like to thank you for single handedly protecting your town in your own car. Not being a police officer myself I can only hope that we live in the same area. Lets go down your rant and see how we did in the facts area ok. Since it has nothing to do with the blog, I’ll skip the Iraq and soldier stuff except for the fact that didn’t the soldier you were talking about “volunteer” for the military. Would those donation jars that I put money in at the convenience store for local wounded soldiers be also considered “blood money”? All professions, even soldiers, have their share of people who abuse the system, its idiotic to lump all of one profession and call them all abusers

1: When Officer Corr first started pursuit no one knew what took place at the jewelry store, for all anyone knew at that point all employees could have been executed.

2: Two witnesses testified to hearing “three shots” fired at Officer Corr’s car almost immediately after turning on his lights and sirens. I suppose just pulling over was not an option for them, had they done that it would hardly have been newsworthy. The blogs never mentioned that police radioed “shots fired” until after the getaway car crashed which means with all their warning lights and loud sirens going off they never heard them. Plus the one shot that killed Officer Corr, that’s four shots fired by the suspects not “ONE” as you state. Unfortunately our judicial system works against cops here, imagine the public outcry if Officer Corr just opened his door and blew the head off the suspect, our million-dollar robber would turn into a victim, complete with excessive force and probably even manslaughter charges against the cop. Since Officer Corr was white and the robber, I mean murderer at this point, was black we would have Jesse Jackson and the ACLU calling for a complete investigation into whether or not Officer Corr ever uttered a racial slur.

3: How do know all the cops at the scene were white? I don’t see that in the blogs anywhere, you didn’t just make that up did you?

4: What laws have been passed to make the killing of a Police Officer a bigger crime than killing an ordinary citizen? Again I think you may have just made that up as well, I believe I read that New York has no laws pertaining to that, and that the lawmakers were thinking of passing something. If you are against this, you may want to contact the appropriate lawmakers to tell them your stance.

5: I never read that the “brotherhood of law enforcement do absolutely no wrong” again is that in the blogs or in the news somewhere that I missed? I believe you made that up as well.

6: Wasn’t that Sergeant with the SWAT gear part of a special task force, your talking like every police office is running around armed with a machine gun, give me a break.

There are numerous other remarks you made that are just made up LIES. I’ll try to keep my post short so I’ll just talk about one more. You talked about the robber, I mean murderer as “one freezing, cold, very wet, very frightened black male” Talk about WTF, are you talking about a fluffy stray kitty cat here or someone who just committed murder? The Corr family didn't make the laws here and they are not the lawyers and they didn't start this blog. For the record my last name isn’t Corr, I don’t live in New Hartford, or even Oneida County for that matter. 4:58 you just included a bunch of half truths and lies in your post, I suggest you read the blogs before making yourself look like a MORON.
I take back my earlier statement, I don't want to live in a town with an a**hole like you in it.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Post 4:43pm to 4:58am.

For Poster 9:45am, 4:58am wouldn't have been picked for jury duty. Has military background. The lawyers and healy didn't want any people sitting on the jury who had military or law enforcement back grounds.

For poster 3:18pm. How could wittman get paid from healy, healy couldn't even make his own bail when he was arrested and charged.

As Judge Dwyer said the day of jury selection.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo 4:43! It is obvious that the veteran in 4:58 is very bitter towards his government and is very anti police. 4:58 seems to want everyone to buy into his ideology- (ideology - set of beliefs or doctrines for those of us simple minded people 4:58 believes we are). It is very obvious that you are racial toward whites or a radical based upon your comments about Richardson as if he was being innocently chased down. I am not a veteran so I let my father who is a WWII veteran read your post 4:58. After reading your post he believed you should be ashamed for yourself if in fact you are a veteran. But then again he stated he fought so that radicals like you can speak freely.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous roger said...

bickering like a bunch of old ladies.everyone is entitled to an opinion,so why worry about who said what?all sounds like a bunch of grade school kids fighting on here.yes joe was shot and killed but hes not the first officer killed in the line of duty and probably wont be the it right no not at all,did he take the job on knowing that could happen healy guilty thats touchy.he didnt pull the trigger but yet was there.but for sure going to do at least 25-life on the law fair and justice system fair? nope i wouldnt say so at all i've been a victim of it myself.basically money talks bullsh*t walks and i'm not rich nor have money falling from a money tree.i know of corrections officers who went to prison over drugs,new of a state trooper based out of remsen now poland suspended over assault on his wifes ex take a step back jump off your high horse and get it right not all law enforcement is innocent a previous post said city cops,town cops,state troopers,sheriffs dept all want to enforce laws of seatbelts,dwi's,cell phone use,and the next thing ya know an official is passing u at 70 in a 55mph zone talking on a cell phone with no seatbelt on.the cell phone law is another thing thats bogus they want u to stop on a slippery snowy road where the chances are more greater of getting rear-ended by a passing car than in an accident while on phone.or u get the officer that turns his light on to run a stop light in a hurry and no place to go.seen it numerous times,the law is no better than the citizens of the country.and how can someone enforce laws that dont follow then the rome cop that shot and killed 2 younger teens and injured another on a rage in 1994 and had been fired for slapping a youth skateboarding on the freedom mall in rome,along with still having all his police issued guns/bullets.that the rome police department never took from him then turned gun on himself so of course didnt have to spend time in again the law enforcement is no better. and i dont care about posting who i'am either.

roger e.tennessee

2:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last evening I posted an opinion, "my" opinion, and I did this with what I understand to be my right of FREE speech on a public blog, and IF I understand correctly, this blog was established for the general public to use to post THEIR personal opinions about this trial.

I NEVER attempted to espouse an ideology (as the 10:40 poster seems to think) BUT exactly as I expected when I wrote the post, numerous thoughts of mine that I wrote about surrounding the events that Andy Jenks outlined as trial testimony and events, have been objected to by some and taken "out of context".

I would like to state very clearly here that I in no way am a racist NOR do I in any way support or advocate the criminal activity of Richardson, J. Healy and their 2 companions.
What they did was WRONG. Absolutely wrong. From the VERY thought processes towards the idea of robbing jewelry stores to the shooting and killing of a police officer.

AND YES, J. Healy (scumbag as some on this thread call him (NICE definition of another human being I might add)) should, in fact, be on trial....I NEVER denied that point at all as another poster here would have you all believe.

I fully expected that my post would draw dissenting opinions from the side of the law. That is only natural since a "brotherhood", be they the PBA, the Teamsters, Ironworkers, etc. ARE expected to stick together BUT I also applaud those "other" posters (like the 8:11 am poster) who read my post for exactly what it was, one persons opinion, nothing more, nothing less. BUT I never expected respondent posts to be so closed-minded, angry, and venomous in their choice of words. Oh well, that is their "right" as well.

To the family of Joe Corr, whether you can, want, or will believe this or not (since I have already been called a liar here) you honestly do have my most sincere condolences. The loss of a loved one (and at my age I have experienced more than a few) is devastating and it may take years for your family to fully understand, comprehend, and accept the gravity of the loss.

In another very recent tragedy I actually met and liked Trooper Longobarto's professionalism when he investigated a robbery of my premises here once. Needless to say, I was very disturbed to hear of his passing. He was very young just like Officer Corr. Just know they are both in a better place.

To those of you who are obviously in attendance at the trial and are privy to details that Andy Jenks is NOT writing about, I wrote my post after starting at the very beginning of this blog and AFTER reading Andy Jenks courtroom posts.

I do not remember anywhere in Andy Jenks posts where it said many of the finer details of the 5.6 mile chase, "shots fired" and the fact that officer Corr was standing still when Richardson shot him. These details and points I believe were omitted from Andy's account that while, during the 5.6 mile chase, 3 shots were fired from the Healy car at Officer Corr. If I am correct about Andy's postings, then one has to assume that the 4:43 poster is much closer to this investigation and trial than his rebuttal posting to me would lead anyone to believe so I can understand why he can not post an unbiased opinion here. My comments were written purely from the the information I collected from posts written by Andy Jenks.

When I previously mentioned about Richardson being “one freezing, cold, very wet, very frightened black male”, the point being made to the blog, is that IF anyone who posts to this blog has EVER fallen through ICE fully clothed into FREEZING cold water, as I have when I was much younger, then they also know, that act alone probably DRAINED HALF of Richardson's strength almost instantly out of him. Officer Joe could have "elected" to have fallen back, waited for "other" back-up officers to arrive on-scene, and just waited for Richardson to give up. It is my guess from first hand experience, that Richardson, being that cold, would not have taken very long to emerge from the woods with his hands up. When I fell thru the ice, hypothermia was full tilt affecting my body within 15 minutes and I had to walk about a 1/2 mile back to my truck and the heater. By the time I got there I was shaking so much it took both my hands to open the truck door.

Regarding the chase, apparently truth being told here on the blog by poster 4:43 and that 3 shots were apparently fired, then that statement only goes to re-enforce my question of WHY would Officer Corr exit the safety of his patrol car AFTER the crash at Byrne Dairy and WITHOUT his vest on... he continued to pursue Richardson on foot?? Officer Corr KNEW by the shots fired at his car that the suspect(s) were ARMED. There were 2 of them and only one of him. Why JOE?? Why did you chase the guy?? To stop him from harming someone else?? Maybe? BUT maybe not?? The suspect had a head start on Joe, had broken through the ice, was already soaking wet, and probably freezing. All the LEO's had to do was surround the woods behind the Dairy, and bring in the helicopters and the dogs and MAYBE no one would have been killed since the police would have had physical "control" of the woods in question. Why doesn't anyone here on the side of the law understand that your own basic training broke down and emotions WERE flying high. Chaos might be a more apt description of what was happening, is my guess. When that happens, mistakes can and will be made with deadly consequences.

4:43 also pointed out to us all that Officer Joe could have been trying to apprehend Richardson to prevent a car jacking. A car jacking NEVER would have happened IF Officer Corr had not been shot and all available personal attended to his needs. This course of action by all other responding LEO's was exactly the correct course of action in my opinion for a fallen officer BUT it also gave Richardson the lead time, the avenue of escape, and escape he did.

Is/was Richardson a murderer?? YES!! Unquestionably!! But did he have a murderous propensity, I don't know, but by his actions of releasing the tow truck driver unharmed hours and hours later and even giving the driver $100. Richardson was displaying that he was still somewhere very deep inside a human being who had now come to the realization that he had just SERIOUSLY screwed up his life permanently this time, I assume he was confused about which way to turn, he knew he was either going to be killed by the police in a shoot out (suicide by police) or he was going to jail for the rest of his life BUT I do NOT see him as the cold-blooded killer scumbag as some here describe him.

There is a lynch mob mentality running through this blog. Doesn't anyone see that?? I feel no sympathy for Richardson at all as some might think, accuse me of, or even believe, BUT the HATE that is being expressed in the select choice of words used on this blog about these guys, to me, is in some cases, off the scale.

Justice has been meted out already. Richardson is dead. What good does it do for the rest of society to have to support these other three defendants in jail for the rest of their lives.

If these three thought it was cool to use guns, to rob and terrorize people thru robbery's, then I say that once they are all found guilty of their different crimes, instead of jail time, they should be conscripted into the armed forces, trained as "forward" scouts, sent into the field in Iraq or Afghanistan (yep, to all those who have forgotten, we are still there too) and see if they SURVIVE their tours of duty. IF they do survive, it is my guess, they will never want to touch another gun to EVER harm another human being after coming home. Hey, maybe it is just how I feel. Who knows. Who cares.

And with that being said I am through posting here. It is simply not worth the time. Life is waaay to short to sit in front of a computer typing. So no one need reply to anything I have written because you will be wasting your time.

AND to those folks who have written supporting my right to "free" speech and my "right" to a dissenting opinion, I thank you for your not being afraid to express your own personal views as well.

Statements have been made here defaming my character because I have presented a opposing view to the majority of posts. How dare ANY of you to disparage my credibility, my background, or my education. I owe no one here an explanation for my views, opinions, or character. I choose to remain anonymous because that is my right BUT I will say that after coming home in late 72 my views towards virtually every thing here at home changed drastically. I LEARNED that it is okay to question AUTHORITY and to not go blindly forward into harm's way because someone sitting behind a desk said that it was the patriotic thing to do. I still support my government whole-heartily and do not intentionally break it's laws as a good law-abiding citizen but that does NOT mean that I must unequivocally TRUST my government to make the BEST decisions concerning my life and the life of my family.

In closing, I absolutely loved (I am still laughing) the post by the poster who stated that I am "pretending" to be articulate. Wake up, either ARE or you are NOT. There is no in-between. You obviously are one of the "are NOTs". Try going to college or at a minimum finishing high school, you might actually learn something.

I remember someone, somewhere, once wrote along the lines of: "you can strip me of everything including my freedom, but the one thing you can NOT take away from me is my education and the ability to think for myself"

P.s. Sorry in advance IF this evenings post, like last, someone should find and point out one(1) typographical error in my spelling of over 500 words. No one is perfect.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO Roger (2:13 poster),
I read your post and I can agree with some of it. John T. Healy should be found guilty of the crime of murder as the law states in NEW YORK. You state that police are on the cell phones, breaking speed limits and going through red lights and not wearing seatbelts while writing tickets for same. Hypocritical? Maybe in some cases but not the majority. New York State has an exemption for police in the law pertaining to the wearing of seatbelts and the use of cell phones while operating a police cruiser. Not that this has anything to do with the blog but it is a clarification upon your post. Also in New York State a police car is deemed an emergency vehicle at all times allowing for speeds in excess of the posted limits without lights activated or activating lights to pass a traffic signal. I’m sure that some LEO may be abusive but on a very small scale. To assume that police regularly pass traffic lights with no place to go as you put it is very prejudicial. Again just some clarity upon your post for later point. Furthermore your statement about that EX Rome Police Officer having "all his police issued guns/bullets" at the time of the shooting is also incorrect. They were personal weapons he used and not department issued. You make it sound as if the Rome Police made a major blunder. Not so. If that were true the families of those INNOCENT departed children would have succeeded in the civil suit. The point I'm trying to say is that laws and exceptions to the laws exist for a reason that the legislature arrived at. The laws applicable in the case of Healy state he is just as responsible as pulling the trigger and by the accounts it appears that he wanted a innocent female shot in the head. The outrage, if I'm reading into it correctly, is that a man is standing trial for killing another person and individuals are expressing their right to opinion contrary to what the law says. In a few hours we shall have this debate behind us and unfortunatley will have to endure future similar tragic events that will touch all of us on both sides.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Andy for covering the trial for us. I think some of us leaving these messages should get a life. Even though there is freedom of speech can we show some compassion here. i would not want to be the Corr family going through all this heartache and pain. They have lost a son, brother, grandson,uncle,cousin,nephew,father and husband. He was doing his job protecting us and is a hero. Juat like all the hero's that protect our country. Put yourself in their shoes - how would you feel?? God bless the Corr family. My heart breaks for all of you and I hope that someday may you find some peace and know that Joe is watching over all of you and that he is always with you. Keep up the strength and the love of your family -- we are all here with you.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tenesee Roger,

Are you serious? I don't know if your comments are your actual beliefs or just attention seeking?

"...or u get the officer that turns his light on to run a stop light in a hurry and no place to go.seen it numerous times.." - Roger

No place to go? Are you serious?

I guess your uneducated grammar speaks for itself!

That is the only time I will waste typing to Roger.

Another blogger on this site claims that you're more of a hero if you jump on a grade than being shot by a bullet...IGNORANCE! The troop at war and the Police Officer on the street are both doing their jobs and are both aware they may have to risk their lives. I just didn't understand how one is a hero for jumping on a grenade and the other isn't for taking a bullet.

Too many bloggers are posting nonsence on this site.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the 5:49 posting,

Thank you for your postings, for they truly represent the opinions of many, including myself, who may not have had the time to engage in such lengthy dialogue.

Take care.

from: anonymous 1:57 posting

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Officer Corr knew that there were 3 shots at his car?

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 411pm etc.
No Joe was not aware he was being shot at when the car chase began or when it ended. It was dark, snowing and too loud with the sirens going for him to hear the gunfire. He also did not know the suspects from the robbery were armed. So to say he ran blindly after an armed man is not factual. He ran after a running man who had just wrecked after a high speed chase, a policeman's job is to do that. They chase running suspects all the time, unfortunately the type of criminals he chased that night were atypical for this area. A police officer has not been shot and killed in this area for over 37 yrs.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

roger, leave your thoughts in're no better than healey

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Craig said...

Not anonymous, Craig again. Thanks god, for what, this trial being quick... in this area did you expect anything different. Hell we'll put them away around here and they don't even have to be guilty(Smiths murder case with the lil Utica Crack whore)Sure he's quilty of yelling die or kill her or shoot her, what ever how many of us have never shown anger at someone and said something we didn't mean. Sure some of us might not do what we say in anger but sometimes if you could, I'm sure we would, at that very moment. It's starting to look like a POLICE STATE in this area. Innocent until proven guilty, not in this area. I am so tired of hearing about the poor Corr family and the NHPD. Adrenaline junkies and man whores thats my experience with the boys in blue. Several friends that are COPS, this used to be an occupation where the person needed to live life correctly without messing up(Gods laws and mans laws) even a little( in the eyes of the public) Now we say oh my they're just human , its ok if they cheat on their spouse, its ok if they break other various laws they got a badge and a job to do, thats just crap. What does that have to do with this trial, nothing. Its got to do with LIFE. P@#s off if you didn't like this blog the truth sucks sometimes. Craig

6:49 AM  
Anonymous roger said...

exactly craig ty

roger e.tennessee

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shoes don't fit. Healy's feet are not small. The chain of evidence was compromised. Witness first statement was that he was a white man. The glove with the "evidence" was missing for days ! No direct evidence placing healy at the scene of the crime. The shoes don't fit, you must acquit

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol upd is a joke too .i had a police scanner taken from me and when the judge released it within hours later i went to get it back and they said they couldnt find it anywheres yea cause it ended up at 1 of the officers house's is why,what a joke.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been in trouble in my days and i've honestly seen that the upd officer's are much better people than the older cops. i think most of you are referring to the officers you've encountered years ago. the upd used to be very corrupt years ago. pylman really cleaned it up.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to anonymous at 9:57am, the UPD did not touch the watches, WTF are you talking about. IT was a NH issue. get your facts straight

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Craig and Roger you should be ashamed of yourselves. There are many good people in LEO. How can you be so hurtful with your words?

10:41 AM  
Anonymous roger said...

thats right u said many not "ALL" that sums that up.....

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WELL SAID 5:49 and I also might add that I too give my condolences to the family of the slain police officer. Once some time has passed, however, there should be a review of the protocol followed that evening. As 5:49 said, once the woods were secured, time would have been on their side and perhaps that would have saved this policeman's life. Respectfully, New Hartford Police Dept has to become more adept than just giving out traffic taxes..excuse me tickets, it is a dangerous world out there.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are reaching.... stick to the case and stop the negative blogging.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Questioning the protocol followed that evening is negative blogging? As for the trial, I suggest there are serious problems with the prosecution's case which were not addressed at the trial, but will be addressed during the appeal process. If the jury is astute and listens to the closing argument, they just might realize that the Prosecution's case hinged on the Prada shoes (which by the way, the Prosecution added in testimony that the Devil wears Prada...a very inappropriate remark) and a witness identified them as a size 7 (he obviously doesn't wear a size 7) and a botched chain of evidence....the constitution must be followed, convictions must be based on law.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes the devil does wear prada. And if you were astutulty listening Europeon shoe sizes run differently.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, European sizes run differently..but the WITNESS SAID SHE NOTICED HE HAD SMALL FEET..which indicates to me that those who coached her did not realize that European sizes run differently. The Defense did not provide adequate representation. Did she succumb to the pressure or is she just incompetent?

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cat got your tongue?

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No actually I do not want to argue with you that isnt going to prove anything,

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean the shoe size doesn't mean anything. The only witness testified that she could identify Healy because of his small feet, when he doesn't have small feet, but the defense must have looked at the shoe size not realizing it was European and TOLD her to say he had small feet. What other explaination is there? He Doesn't HAVE SMALL FEET. The glove too, it didn't have DNA, then it disappears and comes back from who knows where and is send to the lab again and comes back with fibers from the jewelry contrived. I heard that the son of the owner of lennons has a "nose problem" and this was an inside set up job?

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the 28 rolex watches...I could have shown them reasonable doubt !!! Where ARE the rolex watches ?????

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent posts Craig !!

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it matter that the former DA, now congressman..i guess it is true that people rise to the level of their incompetence..although as DA he already reached that goal-he has lied and with held evidence..does it matter that a black kid got shot for no reason, does it matter that a cop steals and doesn't get fired or lose his pension, does it matter, does it matter that drug money disappears mysteriously in major drug arrests and doesn't show up in the evidence ...DOES it MATTER? Does it matter that healy as despicable as he is that he didn't pull the trigger yet is charged with his murder..that's the law you say, well tell that to the FAVA kid(with police connections) who never got charged with murder when he arranged and was present at a meeting where a kid got killed !!! Tell me DOES IT MATTER. Does it matter that 49 million innocent babies have been slaughtered in the womb and not ONE COP arrests the perpetrators of this violence ? Instead they protect these murderers !! Tell me does it MATTER !!

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the witness testified that the shoe size was unproportional to the size of the man, Healy is a very big man and a size 10 is still small for his size. Did any of you read her statement taken directly after the robbery? No? you didnt? did any of you still in the court room during her testimony? No? She identified the EXACT shoe Healy was wearing.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" The only witness testified that she could identify Healy because of his small feet, when he doesn't have small feet, but the defense must have looked at the shoe size not realizing it was European and TOLD her to say he had small feet."

I think she could identify the shoes he was wearing not only the size. And what do any of us know about what she might consider small, maybe she herself wears a siz 10 or smothing

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Liesch identifies goggles, a gun, and a pair of black Prada shoes observed during the robbery" this is from the womans testimony that is posted on the blog. says nothing about size

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She testified that he had small feet that shows she was coached and coached incorrectly..try to explain it away but it is OBVIOUS..but to notice someone has small feet with your head buried on the floor is rather hard isn't it..and when you are being threatened with being was cool under pressure...She knows her name brands..perhaps she knows where the Rolex watches are?

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or maybe she noticed what his shoes looked like because he was STEPPING ON her arm!

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Roger:

You seem to have alot to say about this case with matt sullivan were you there , how do you now so much about it.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:58 am is Becky Whittman!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous roger said...

none of your business if i was there or not.the facts are true.

roger e.tennessee

2:05 PM  

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