Friday, January 19, 2007

Defense Makes Its Case

11:34am. Traci Baird is the defense's first witness. She is a cashier at the Kirkland Byrne Dairy. Wittman begins direct-examination.

-Baird testifies that on February 27, 2006, she saw a car come over an embankment and crash into a gas pump. She saw black male get out of the car's passenger side. He was clean-shaven, and headed around the side of the building toward the back.

-Baird testifies that she did not hear gunshots.

-On cross-examination, Baird testifies that she did not get a close look at the second person to emerge from the car.

Baird is off the stand at 11:45am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this for less than one hour of defense testimony?? Come on Ms Wittman..

8:58 AM  

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